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[Announcement] Concerning the fall of Vyktory
[Image: 142px-So_clan_mon2.svg.png]
Palace of Eons
Sanayetsuɂ 15, 759

Her Majesty the Queen and Her Majesty the Queen express their deepest sorrows at the abandonment of their colony at Vyktory by the Galactic Wyrm Assembly. To redouble the fate of the Empire of the Alexandrians is an agony too great for any nation, human, majuu, or otherwise, to endure. Greater still an injustice is the abandonment of the native Vyktoryan population to the horrors of the wyrmfolk pathogen's device.

To that end, We authorize and by these presents order Our Government to take in as many of the native Vyktoryan population as the divers provinces and divisions of Our Realm may readily endure, providing however that each and every of them shall be subjected to whatever quarantine measures Our Government deems necessary to prevent the transmission of the wyrmfolk pathogen to Our preëxisting Subjects: which intake, as well as the resultant processing and resettlement, is to be conducted at Shimogawa.

We also authorize and order Our Government to provide to that fraction of the native Vyktoryan population which is admitted without incident into Our Realm whatever supplies are deemed necessary and expedient, including, but not limited to, blankets, hand-cranked flashlights & radios, cots, tents, sleeping bags, non-perishable civilian food, excess military rations, and other equipment of the type issued to Our Realm's military as survival gear.

May the Goddess, the kami, and the bodhisattvas look favorably for ten thousand generations upon the memory of the Vyktoryan Commonwealth.

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