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Hoenn's response to the Brettish Cataclysm
[Image: 142px-So_clan_mon2.svg.png]
Ministry of Defense
Golden Mantis House
27 Kaminadzuki 754

In accordance with Their Majesties' rescript of the twentieth of this month, the Minister of Defense has ordered a detachment of V Flt Niijima to depart Joint Base Shinjoh for the Brettish Isles posthaste in order to assist in the relief effort, rescue victims of the Brettish Cataclysm, and provide royally-mandated aid and supplies. As such, the listed ships and aircraft are currently underway on a course for Westminster:
  • The aircraft carrier HKF Sekidoh (陛下船赤道), outfitted with:
    • Twenty-five Boeing CH-47 Chinook heavy-lift transport helicopters
    • Five Merlin Crowsnest AEWACS airplanes
  • The dock landing ships HKFs Ibusuki, Taniyama, and Kawanabe (陛下船揖宿・谿山・川邊), each outfitted with a complement of land vehicles suitable for navigating the Brettish terrain

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